New year – look forward, not back

I have recently seen an array of social media posts documenting people’s success of their last decade.  Of course, I think it is important to recognise your achievements, but I personally prefer to look forward with eager excitement and anticipation of what the next decade may bring.

For me, 2020 is an exciting year.  When you work with Olympic sports, your life runs in 4-year cycles and 2020 marks the culmination of this cycle.  This summer, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, athletes’ hopes and fears will be realised.  For some, dreams will come true, and for others, they will be shattered in disappointment.  From the sidelines, we will watch in anticipation willing that the hard work will pay off and medals will be delivered.

So, 2020 is already an extremely exciting year professionally.  Alongside my work with the British Olympic teams, it will also be the first full year of running my own private practice; Elevate Physio & Performance, and I look forward to continue to grow it within my local community and then beyond.

Personally, I have already signed up for a Tough Mudder in April and for my first Triathlon in August (because what’s life without a few sporting challenges?!).  I will be supporting my husband try to get a PB in his 3rd London Marathon, and I will be spending a lot of time travelling back and forth to Leicester Square to drop and pick up my oldest son, who is performing in a West End Play.

Yes, 2020 is going to be busy but I am super excited to see what it brings.

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